Landing Page Redesign & Update for car renting platform

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Frontend dev
Web design
May 2021
Aug 2021
 hours spent
Richard Sibley
Chief Product Officer

"We are impressed by their ability to share our vision."

  • Project Feedback

    Through their partnership with Digital Butlers, the client has received positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the client's KPI scores have also increased weeks after launching the improved pages. The team consists of dedicated professionals that get the job done.

  • Project Summary

    Digital Butlers has been hired to redesign and update the landing pages of a car renting platform. They have helped the client set up a Webflow CMS and align their website with their new branding.

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Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the Chief Product Officer at Karshare which is revolutionising how we own and use cars to drive towards net zero through peer to peer car sharing.

Opportunity / challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Digital Butlers, and what were your goals?

We hired Digital Butlers to support us in our move to Webflow and redesign and update of our landing pages to align to our new brand.


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

I reviewed recommended Webflow agencies through Webflows official marketplace and then shortlisted and contacted some to discuss the project in more detail. I found Digital Butlers to be swift in their response to our questions as well as being confident in their ability to deliver a product that would match our high expectations.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used.

We used Notion to manage the project and created a list of different pages required with prioritisation and statuses to track progress. We then created a project roadmap with milestones and dates to work towards. At this point we were ready to start the design process where we collaboratively worked on page layouts and designs with our marketing team and a designer from Digital Butlers to finalise and sign off each page design.

Once ready a developer from Digital Butlers setup the Webflow CMS and started on the page builds. Once the pages were build we worked with our developers to create and insert React components where needed in the pages.

How many people from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

We had support from 1 designer, 1 developer and a Project manager to help manage the delivery of the project.

Results & feedback

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

We have received lots of positive feedback internally and externally commenting on how the site updates and brand update has helped in positioning Karshare as a modern tech brand. We also saw KPI's in crease in the weeks after launching the improved pages.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

We used Slack and Notion to project manage and communicate and received timesheet breakdowns with invoices to see how time was spent and what we were being billed for.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

We are impressed by their ability to share our vision and furthermore provide ideas and suggestions on how we get the best possible outcome.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

None, they have a new payment system now which has helped and has rectified the only issue we had.


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