Conversion-focused landing page for auto response mailing service

Product details:

Frontend dev
Web design
Nov 2023
Jan 2024
 hours spent

Project scope

Our team developed a selling Landing Page to launch our own-build product wmails.io. This is a web application that allows you to automatically send a customized branded email in response to a request left on the Webflow website. We needed to make a clear, modern, and interactive landing page that would clearly explain the service’s functions to potential users, as well as encourage them to start a 14-day trial.

Hero screen with a Lottie animation to explain the product idea


In order to develop a Landing page that would be as relevant as possible to the target audience's requests, our team conducted in-depth analysis and research of potential users. Using the Jobs to Being Done (JTBD) methodology the logical page structure was formed.

JTBD Methodology process. Screen 1
JTDB Methodology process. Screen 2
JTBD Methodology process. Screen 3

Based on this structure, we developed a prototype that demonstrated not only the sequence of blocks and the elements inside the section but also had a preliminary version of the text for further refinement by the copywriter.

Landing page prototype. Based on the JTBD "artifacts"

While the text was being polished, our team determined the style of the user interface and prepared design materials, such as icons, visuals, Lottie animations, screen recordings from the application admin panel, etc.

Lottie animation for empower to the written advantage effect
Pricing options
CTA section

After completing the design stage, our team developed a landing page on Webflow, making all the necessary integration connections with the wmail.io service.

Wmails.io templates dynamic section


To prepare the site logic/prototype we used the Jobs to Being Done (JTBD) methodology. In the process of creating the site, programs such as Miro, Figma, and Adobe After Effects were used. The site engine was the Webflow platform with the addition of custom CSS, HTML, and JS code.

Hero screen


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