Clean and modern corporate website for EU supply solutions

Product details:

Frontend dev
Web design
Feb 2024
May 2024
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Project scope

We were tasked with completely redesigning the current website for Eurobase, a European company that provides effective supply solutions in the European market. Our responsibilities include working on the UI design and laying out the site on Webflow. The employer has provided us with branding guidelines and the desired website structure.

Homepage hero screen


To ensure our design concept will be aligned with the employer’s expectations, we conducted research, gathered stylistic references, and created a list of "do's and don'ts" based on the feedback. This helped us understand which design solutions to incorporate and which to avoid.

UI kit part

The initial branding provided by the employer effectively conveyed the company's activities using "honeycombs", but the color and font choices needed updating. We proposed using digital blue for a more modern look and creating a clean user interface with a combination of white and black. We also recommended using modern sans-serif fonts like Inter, Anton, and Coolvetica.

Utilizing an iterative approach, we presented two design concepts to the employer based on our previous discussions. After the employer chose their preferred concept, we completed the UI design for the main page and all other site pages, providing both desktop and mobile versions.

Homepage design concepts

Since the employer did not have available media assets, we suggested using stock photos and AI-generated images relevant to the site's topic and context. This suggestion was approved.

Numbers section with AI visuals
"Climate change warriors" section with AI visuals
Mobile version

After finalizing the design, we built the website using Webflow and linked all the relevant sections to the platform’s CMS to enable easy content management. We incorporated features such as smooth scrolling, a custom scrollbar, appearance animations for elements within sections, fading animations for page transitions, and dynamic logo animations to give it a modern, technological look.

Contacts section
Services section


In the process of creating the site, we utilized programs such as Figma, Mindjourney, and Adobe After Effects. The site was built on the Webflow platform with the integration of custom CSS, HTML, and JS code.

Inner pages


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