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Oct 2023
Jan 2024
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Wills Francis
Former Colleagues

Digital Butlers came to the table with a number of valuable suggestions that made the project a resounding success.

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    Digital Butlers has delivered well-working products that exceed the client's expectations, providing valuable suggestions along the way to ensure success. The team is timely, responsive, collaborative, and knowledgeable. Moreover, their commitment to customer care is outstanding.

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    Digital Butlers has developed a portfolio showcase site on Webflow for a brand strategy and design firm, integrating Lottie files and complex visual effects.

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Project scope

The guys from Former Colleagues approached us with a request to create for them a completely new unique website for their branding agency, which would not only reflect their character and approach to work but would also effectively and efficiently present their portfolio.

The employer provided a large amount of text that needed to be used on the site. This text told about the company: its history, philosophy, and team, and also explained many points and subtleties of completing the task during the presentation of cases.

Hero screen with background clouds video


Using a three-column grid, we were able to carefully handle such a volume of text and create the dynamics necessary for the user, while maintaining cleanliness and readability.

Former Colleagues provide a fairly wide range of services related to creative work, so it was important to create a website that would be most appropriate for presenting any type of work, be it branding, architecture, interior design, positioning development, or video production.

During the concept stage, our design team came up with an interesting and unusual idea of creating a website interface that is fully based on a blur effect, similar to a glass, which creates a volume that plays off a large amount of text. To add some mystery and creativity to the website, we used a looped video of the sky with clouds floating across it as the background. Our team and employer were impressed by the hover effect on the links in the menu and footer. Upon activation, the video of floating clouds in the background was paused, and the noise effect was displayed in front, which created a reference to film films.

The site features seamless transition effects between pages, as well as an interactive preloader. The site also used Lottie animation, created via Adobe After Effects to bring the logo and some typography elements to life.

Article body
Ideas section with blurring "focus" effect during the scroll


The site is completely built on the Webflow CMS system that allows you to easily and conveniently edit information on any page: add pictures, text, blocks, and even create new pages from scratch. The site management system also allows you to easily and quickly add new cases and ideas (blogs). There is also a small E-commerce store where in the future you will be able to purchase various creations (merch) of the Former Colleagues' team, based on Webflow CMS and integrated with payment via Stripe.

Store heading section
Store items
Store Cart
Store Checkout

Employer's Insights

How did you find Digital Butlers?

Online Search

Why did you select Digital Butlers over others?

  • High ratings
  • Great culture fit
  • Good value for cost
  • Company values aligned
  • knowledge of multiple tech requirements

What was the size of Digital Butlers’s team?

6-10 Employees

About company section

Describe their project management. Did they deliver items on time? How did they respond to your needs?

Project milestones were completed on time (often earlier than expected), with clear communication of potential issues well before they became problems. The Digital Butlers project manager is highly collaborative and responsive, giving me much reassurance. Most important of all is Digital Butlers' commitment to their clients and ensuring they are "taken care of" throughout the engagement. Super rare and appreciated in this industry.

What was your primary form of communication with Digital Butlers?

  • Virtual Meeting
  • Email or Messaging App

Services list
Ideas section. Option 2

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

Their range of technical expertise. Responsiveness to complete projects on time and to an extremely high level of quality. Ability to assess and understand complex, intertwined technical needs and apply a clear methodology to success.

Are there any areas for improvement or something Digital Butlers could have done differently?

Only thing that comes to mind is I'd like to bring them into a dedicated project management software to track work progress and collaborate more efficiently.


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