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May 2022
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Project scope

Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC, is a full-service mortgage banker specializing in residential and refinance loans. Prosperity Home Mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage products, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, and renovation financing.

Site pages

A company approached us with a request to redesign their extensive corporate website. They needed the design to be modern, clean, and user-friendly. It was essential to build the website on a more flexible platform that could handle a large number of pages for mortgage agents, local departments, mortgage programs, educational resources, and more. Additionally, the site had to include various financial calculators, quiz forms, a dynamic map of the United States showing company divisions in different states (each with its own unique landing page), and personal pages for mortgage consultants.

The project also involved a significant amount of work to migrate data from their current site to the new one. It was crucial to maintain the brand's current position in search engines and set up redirects and SEO.


The first step in developing a project of this size is to create a detailed site map, as well as a prototype that is as detailed as possible. Together with our UX team, we sketched and agreed upon the layout of each page, and discussed every necessary element, as well as the content that will be present on all pages. Around 50 pages were prototyped to fully understand their logic, structure, and relationship with each other.

Site pages prototype

After the prototyping stage, we needed to agree on the design concept and sync up on stylistic solutions. The prosperity branding had to be updated in parallel with our work on the website. This allowed us to make some suggestions for the branding agency working on this process and significantly modernize the company’s look and feel.

Since the company’s audience is extremely large, the site had to be as universal and understandable as possible. In view of this, the proposed design concepts differed in some details but had one common direction, which was based on the updated branding of the company.

Hero screen concepts

PHM chose the most suitable option for them, after which we began working on the user interface of each page, preparing desktop and mobile versions.

Mobile version

Our design team especially enjoyed working on the mortgage agent's personal pages as well as the individual department pages. Having extensive experience working with such mortgage companies as Fairway, Remax, Arbor, and others, we understood the most effective selling structure of the landing page, which we proposed to implement for Prosperity.

As a result, the page turned out to be clear and informative, as well as rich in various lead magnets and conversion points. At the same time, it took into account the materials available to mortgage agents and made it possible to build a layout regardless of the availability of professional photographs.

With studio photo
Without studio photo
Educational pages
UI kit part

It was decided to develop the company's main website using the Webflow system. Our development department collected the necessary pages and added custom code for the following functionality:

  • mortgage calculators
  • quizzes
  • dynamic map of the USA
  • integration of company reviews from Experience.com
  • receive an individual branded report on mortgage market changes by email
  • schedule a meeting/call via Calendly
  • and more
Mortgage calculator
States map

We set up the company website with sections for the blog, glossary, legal information, career, about the company, leadership team, contacts, and payments using Webflow CMS. These sections were easily editable through the admin panel.

Refinance information page

However, we faced a challenge when trying to create unique pages for mortgage agents and departments due to Webflow's limitations in creating the necessary subdomain structure for SEO. To solve this, we developed unique templates for these pages using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP and connected them to our partners WOWMI Ecosystem App. This allowed us to launch dynamic pages with a unique URL on a subdomain of the company website. The PHM team populated a CSV file with the data of all agents, which was then uploaded to the admin panel to automatically create/update about 400 dynamic pages in just 30 minutes.

Branches hero screens
Mortgage consultants search panel

Additionally, we established an API connection between Webflow CMS and the WOWMI Ecosystem App to ensure that any updates or new page creations for company agents were quickly and conveniently reflected in the main site's database.

Since 2022, we have been providing continuous support for the company’s website.

Consultant info screen


In the process of creating the site, we utilized programs such as Figma. The site was built on the Webflow platform with the integration of custom CSS, HTML, and JS code. Personalized mortgage agents & branch pages were coded using CSS, HTML, JS, and PHP code and built on the WOWMI Ecosystem App. Webflow CMS was connected to the WOWMI Ecosystem App via an API connection.


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