Atmospheric web development for US Mortgage Company

Product details:

Frontend dev
Web design
Backend dev
Apr 2021
Nov 2021
 hours spent

Full case description is in development... Stay tuned! 💪🏻

Welcome to Los Angeles Fairway Branch! 🥳

Hello there! Our team built this atmospheric and gamified branch / loan officer website template for one of the biggest mortgage companies in the US. There are a bunch of stuff that you can do there:

  • Find your mortgage advisor
  • Calculate your mortgage rate and download PDF report
  • See your local area services
  • Start your mortgage journey with the help of hybrid quiz
  • Play with interactive LOTTIE animations
  • Dynamic LO pages using Webflow CMS
  • ..аnd much more 🤘🏻🔥
Homepage Hero Screen

Mortgage Dynamic Calculator with PDF generation function
Awards section with dynamic text animation

We worked a few months on this project and will be very glad to know your feedback 🙏🏻

P.S. Can you find a "cat easter egg"? 😏 Turn on the sound and click on each cat that you will find 😜


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