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Have you ever looked for any facile ways to launch your web page and finally embark on your online business journey? This online design tool is your ultimate solution! Hold off on hiring  designers or web developers until you’ve read this article and delved into the insights shared in this write-up. Trust us, it’s the best solution for your startup!

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December 8, 2023
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December 8, 2023
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What you will know after reading this write-up?

After reading this article you will know the transformative power of web builder, a dynamic tool that revolutionizes website creation. It's evident that new companies and businesses can harness this website maker to their advantage in various ways. We will study which ways lead to simplicity but efficiency here.

You will know why startups choose this webpage constructor and how to accelerate your work process working with this web design platform.

You will know about Webflow’s affordability and why it is cost-effective. Also, you will know how CMS influences on our work process, and you will be given some useful recommendations from us.

  • You will know:
  • • What is webflow in simple language?
  • • Practical review of our latest projects
  • • 10 scenarios when this webpage builder is good or bad!

What we are not going to tell you in this write-up?

The article does not explore alternative website building platforms or compare this web design platform with other tools available in the market:

  • • It does not contain any information about the business plan.
  • • There is no discussion about the technical support and customer service provided by this website crafting platform.
  • • It doesn't address potential challenges users might face during their journey for startups, such as troubleshooting issues, getting timely assistance, or the effectiveness of the customer support team.

What is Webflow in simple language briefly?

It’s a powerful tool that enables creating and designing webpages without the need for coding, whether you are a blogger or want to create a webpage just for your business or enjoyment. We want to emphasize one more time that there is no recession for code tools out there. It facilitates and enhances your visual awareness of the primary objective of the whole project, but if you are familiar with coding, you will find it easy to make changes to your website  – this is a big advantage for you!

Why do people choose Webflow and how does it relate to startups?

For a new company’s website, several factors are crucial to ensure its success, and Webflow addresses many of these needs effectively. It holds significance for a fresh organization in terms of both a website and a website builder. Here, we want to tell you about how Webflow stands out as an excellent choice for an upstart business and why is it so pivotal:

1. Ease of Use

Startups often operate with limited resources, both in terms of time and technical expertise. Webflow has a user-friendly interface and visual environment to edit websites for different resolutions, empowering entrepreneurs and small teams to construct and manage their websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

2. Quick launch

Time is precious. People often say “Time is money”, and we should stay ahead of the curve to alleviate this notion. By choosing webflow, especially as a startup, you can be confident that it truly saves and accelerates the process of launching your business. In a very short time, your project will be ready to use, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning some specific details or exploring the ground before entering into web building. Webflow helps to tackle achievable tasks, as it often appears to young companies, which are typically in disarray as they search for alternatives, a process that often takes even more time.

Creating a website on Webflow is 1.5-2 times faster than adjustment by HTML, CSS, or JS. In just a few hours you can craft a stylish, customized, and animated page using a template purchased from the Marketplace.

By the way, for those who purchase our templates, We offer free assistance in customizing them to your design within a couple of hours. For more details, please, check our page with templates here.

3. Development cost

In today’s fast-paced world, the essential thing for the employer is his budget. Webflow development is typically faster than manual layout, especially when it comes to animations. It excels in creating beautiful animated sites quickly due to its specialized capabilities in this area. Additionally, as it’s a no-code solution, the entry barrier to becoming a Webflow designer is lower. This means that the hourly rate for most designers is lower compared to developers working with React.js, Vue.js, and similar technologies.

  • Let's see some real-world examples from our experience:
  • • Saaspience (https://saaspience.webflow.io/home-v1)
    The basic price is $149 + customization for $150 extra =  a modern and stylish website only for $300+.
    It is also possible to “assemble” a completely unique solution with a lot of interactivity, individually designed materials, and functionality.
    The price of such a solution can be $10,000 or more:
  • • Torch (https://torchsensors.webflow.io/)
    The key is that both the $300 and $10,000 websites can look amazing. We can tailor everything to your budget and specific needs.

Affordable prices hold the power to greatly expand a business's customer base. When products or services are priced in a way that aligns with the financial considerations of a wider audience, it becomes easier for more people to engage with the offerings. This increased accessibility not only attracts a larger number of clients but also opens up new avenues for the growth and development of your startup.

4. Top-tier visualization

This website crafting platform is a unique tool that helps to create a top-tier visualization for your website. The features that Webflow’s Editor contains are boundless and irreplaceable for complete beginners. Just turn on your imagination and craft! Website builders like Wix or Squarespace make it possible for everyone, but achieving the same level of customization is possible on Webflow only. It makes a vision of properly coded and well-structured animations. This website builder makes your lT life easier and more comfortable. Certainly, take a look at websites that were built using Webflow:

For more websites click here!

5. Optimization

  • Webflow helps you easily optimize your webpage pages:
  • • Creates variations of images for the mobile/tablet version
  • • Compression applied to the uploaded background video.
  • • Offers SEO and download speed optimization recommendations.

This optimization process ensures that your website not only looks visually appealing but also functions smoothly and efficiently, creating a seamless experience for your visitors. With Webflow's features at your disposal, you can be sure that your website will give you the best possible results, enhancing engagement, conversions, and overall online success.

6. Flexible CMS

For startups, a flexible CMS allows them to be adaptable and efficient in content creation and management, enabling startups to focus on core business activities.

You should know one vital thing, CMS has to work like a car: You let the engineers worry about the mechanics and maintenance, and leave the driver to get on with the driving. A flexible CMS will allow truly responsive authoring, optimized for different devices, so you can create and edit whenever, wherever.

Nothing slows down the editorial process like having to rely on an antiquated CMS being used by multiple editorial contributors. A flexible CMS will boost productivity by making the editorial process simpler, more accessible, and more usable. Uncomplicated user management and collaboration tools designed for the latest use cases will not only speed things up, but they’ll also help avoid mistakes that would occur if contributors were required to regularly deploy code.

Curious about where you can put CMS to work?

  • • Need a blog where you will post articles every week? Easy!
  • • Do you need to add or edit information about your team members or employees? That’s not a problem!
  • • Want to easily and quickly fill in product data on the website? As easy as pie!
  • • Do you need to make hundreds of landing pages for a marketing company with relevant content for a search query? It’s a piece of cake!

7. Learning resources

Webflow offers a wealth of tutorials, documentation, and a supportive community, facilitating speedy familiarization with the platform and efficient troubleshooting of any issues. It is suitable for everyone, whether you are a UX designer, a content publisher who works on websites and intranets, or a startup.

All of these key needs mentioned above allow startups to direct their focus toward core business activities by offering an accessible, customizable, and efficient platform that enables them to create impressive websites, establish an online presence swiftly, and adapt as they grow.

Moreover, in Webflow Community, you will find a wealth of free materials available for copying. Just turn on the “Cloneable sites only” slider on the “Made in Webflow” page, and you'll see how many cool and free solutions the community consistently shares. You can simply follow the link Webflow Community

Let’s look at our employers’ examples in detail

1. Spring health (https://www.springhealth.com/)

The business where people help individuals and organizations thrive by eliminating every barrier to mental healthcare.

Here, we faced with the critical objective of launching a website promptly. The success of their marketing campaign depended on the structured promotional concept (their business in general). In the end, the dedicated efforts paid off, resulting in the creation of a dynamic, contemporary website comprising more than 20 intricately designed pages. The entire endeavor was successfully accomplished within a remarkably efficient span of just three weeks. The website stands as a reflection of our dedication to delivering excellence and embracing innovation. Take a glance at this splendid outcome and don’t doubt that it’s unrealistic!

2. Goodbye from Karshare

This company has helped drive more than 20,000 rentals in shared cars - that’s 20,000 journeys made with cars that would’ve likely otherwise been sitting idle.

The goal was to craft a webpage with a modest budget. Their solution involved acquiring a Webflow template, which we then successfully adapted to their specifications. As a result, the final website, despite its considerable scale, bore a price tag three times more economical. The aesthetics of the website were held in equal regard. The site retained a modern and sophisticated look. An extra benefit was its effortless management via the user-friendly Webflow Editor, making updates and changes to the whole website. The outcome is a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and well-structured website! Unfortunately, the Karshare project wasn’t widely distributed due to capitalism's influence.

3. Torch (https://www.torchsensors.com/)

Torch brings out an intelligent technology that reveals a high — probability of fire on your property.

The goal of this startup was to create a top-tier promotional website that would reflect the company's seriousness and dedication to its work, catering to both potential product users and investors. The website was built on Webflow due to its flexibility in animation settings and rapid development speed. The collaborative synergy between our design and development teams culminated in the creation of a website that not only captures the essence of Torch's mission but also serves as an immersive digital space for visitors to explore. In the end, the site garnered 7 prestigious awards from renowned platforms:
CSS LiteFWAMindsparkle MagDesign Nominees WD AwardsCSSDAAwwwards

  • • CSS Lite
  • • FWA
  • • Mindsparkle Mag
  • • Design Nominees
  • • WD Awards
  • • CSSDA
  • • Awwwards

Just take a peek at this impressive outcome!

4. Tremendous (https://www.tremendous.com/)

The Tremendous platform allows organizations to pay people around the world. They handle the rest of the tricky stuff–currency conversions, money movement, cross-border regulations, and reporting.

The customer’s focus was on maintaining his blog and crafting the inner pages of the website. Webflow proved invaluable for this task, thanks to its integrated editor, which is permanent and easily exploited without coding expertise. With the right setup, it enables the creation of new dynamic pages simply by filling in the required predetermined fields. They needed to conduct various marketing campaigns and landing pages for them, which were quickly and easily created on Webflow. The employer's objectives were achieved with precision, and the result stands as a testament to the symbiotic synergy between advanced technology and creative intent. Take a look at this magnificent result!

Concluding threads

Webflow was chosen for its:

  • • Quick launch
  • • Ease of Use
  • • Development costs
  • • Top-tier visualisation
  • • Flexible CMS
  • • Learning Resources

5 scenarios from US when Webflow is good:

  • • A small business or starup
    Webflow is suitable for front-end and non-technological websites.
  • • Marketing campaigns
    Running marketing campaigns or promotions, Webflow's landing page capabilities can help you quickly design and launch high-converting landing pages to capture leads and drive sales.
  • • No time for an extended investigation into coding
  • • Need for a quick start
  • • Responsive website

5 scenarios from US when Webflow is bad:

  • • You have a technologically advanced website
    If you’re looking to create a dashboard or admin panel, React.js or Vue.js are more suitable for such tasks due to their component structure and open file system.
  • • You need an open file system
    An open file system is important when you need server access. While you can create your website on Webflow, exporting it on your server may result in the loss of certain features, such as CMS and the Visual Editor.
  • • App integration
    If you want to use Weflow for the front-end and connect it to an app, it’s most likely an inconvenient option. Try some alternatives!
  • • A large volume of objects
    If you want to have a database with more than 10,000 dynamic objects on your website. In this case, you will need to contact Webflow directly to clarify the possibility of storing the number of items you need.
  • • Customer support is email-only and all plans except “Enterprise”

Webflow enables you to launch your online startup effectively saving your time and money. It’s a wonderful tool for those who are keen on customization but have no time and desire to dive into code learning. It helpfully works for those who have a small budget or just want to save their costs.

With our expertise and your unique vision, we're confident that we can collaboratively craft an exceptional outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Still in doubt? Just give us a chance and let’s craft together!

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