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Many people want to sell flowers, open their own restaurants to show events, create online shops with a bookmark “fashion advice”, or simply create a page for personal enjoyment to share funny stories and pictures. For all of these ideas, we need a blog.

Webflow can be your ultimate option!

We’re beginning a substantial section on Webflow for Blogging. This article is the first part of a three-part series where we reveal secrets about the good and bad sides of this website builder in blog creation. We provide a basic understanding of how this online platform works.

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December 8, 2023
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December 8, 2023
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Insights to expect from this article

Why is Webflow exceptionally good among all other website builder platforms?

This platform serves as a powerful content management system (CMS) for bloggers. A flexible CMS is a key to proper optimization and setup, which can lead to tremendous success later on. Although Webflow is not primarily a blog-oriented platform, it has a comprehensive and well-developed interface that makes it suitable for both experienced and professional bloggers.

Webflow for Blogging: Benefits and Drawbacks

You will know about Webflow’s affordability and why it is cost-effective. Also, you will know how CMS influences on our work process, and you will be given some useful recommendations from us. You will know:

  • • No coding required
  • • Simplified Header and Text editing
  • • User-friendly Interface
  • • Easy of use in Visual Effects and Animations
  • • Good for marketing

Sure, there’s no need for you to know coding to build a great-looking blog, which is truly marvelous, isn’t it? Our goal is to simplify the process and make it accessible for everyone. While knowledge of programming languages can be an advantage for you to make your blog even more professional, equipped with advanced animations and enhancing your blog’s professionalism, it equally sounds good if you don’t know how to code.

Webflow doesn't allow for full customization, but what it offers is more than good enough for the needs of 85% of users.

It allows you to make responsive images, add over 2,000 web font families. This platform provides complete total creative control, supports basic 3D transforms and animations, offers a content management system, enables any necessary code you need can be added, and offers numerous other useful features that address your needs that we are going to study now.

Content Management System (CMS)

Webflow's CMS allows users to manage and update website content more easily compared to traditional static website builders.

This platform provides the possibility of basic SEO adaptation!

  • • Clean Code
    As a visual editor, you can use with Webflow what is called a "clean code", which ensures on the one hand an optimal ranking in search engines and on the other hand better loading times.
  • • Simplified Text Editing&Images
    Just in a few minutes and your write-up is ready to be read on your blog with your prepared styles. Generally, it takes an hour to set up a simple visual style for your timeline or history. There is a great set of tools for editing and visual changes to your text.

You want to have a blog like “The Hilarious Hub”, where you’ll be posting jokes, funny stories from your life, or even writing fan fiction. Alternatively, you might want a blog like “Laughing and Licking” for sharing your homemade cake recipes. The list of ideas can be endless. Webflow does wonders because it gives you control over your headers. It allows you to easily set up them in the way you want, centralize them, and justify them wherever you desire.

If your website includes a collection of photos, such as a portfolio, you can use Webflow's CMS to organize and display them. You can create a custom collection with fields for image uploads, captions, and other relevant information.


  • • The lack of  advanced typography features, complex sliders, and collage creation.
  • • There is no convenient backup feature to store your content offline.

Webflow continues expanding its CMS capabilities!

Visual effects and customization

Webflow enables designers to implement various interactive elements. You can effortlessly create rich, multi-step animations for your blog, or reveal content on click, design hover animations, and bring your blog to life with interactivity. You can explore a wide array of other intricate and dynamic animation options. Generally, this Website Creation Software is flexible with animations, although it may take some time to learn how to use them and develop your personal style.


Webflow’s 3D capabilities might pose a challenge for you because it primarily offers only basic animations. There are situations where we need animated objects that are primarily 3D. In such cases, you will need to gain code knowledge in CSS and JavaScript, or skills in Adobe After Effects to achieve desired 3D visual effects.


Webflow has an equally good support for e-commerce designing. This is not only evident from its e-commerce plans, but also from the customizations it provides in its editor for e-commerce store development.

  • • UX design/UI design
    This web-builder platform provides a platform for creating websites with a focus on design and user experience. You can design and prototype user interfaces, create interactive elements, and ensure that your website offers a smooth and intuitive user experience. It also allows you to design and customize the user interface of your website.
  • • Freelance
    Webflow allows one to work as an independent contractor rather than being employed by a single company. Freelancers can easily provide services like web design, writing, coding, or other skills on a project-by-project basis.

You will know about Webflow’s affordability and why it is cost-effective. Also, you will know how CMS influences on our work process, and you will be given some useful recommendations from us. You will know:

  • • Limitations in advanced editing and design features
  • • No convenient offline backup
  • • Lacks of 3D transform capabilities
  • • Sometimes, may need to explore extra programs

Real examples of our employers' blogs built on Webflow

Web developers with a reputation 4.9 out of 5 (https://www.digitalbutlers.team/)

Let’s start by discussing our company’s website. It functions as a landing page but we also have a blog section, promoting it on the Internet is beneficial as a  blog. Right from the main page, you can quickly grasp who we are and what our mission is. It works as a perfect strategy for many businesses, where we explain who we are.

Take a look at these stunning and fluid animations, though these animations haven’t been created using Webflow. Some of these animations respond to your cursor movements, which enhances the interactivity between you and the website.

Once the entire page has loaded, you’ll see a small vertical rectangle at your lower right corner that stays with you as you navigate. This is a video presentation introducing our team. It’s a good sign for the user to be sure that we are all real and ready to help you with your online business.

We have a stunning “Works” section where you can explore all of our projects throughout our history, showing that we are real professionals in creating Landing pages, Educational platforms, Web services, and more. Take a look at the grid layout we’ve implemented in this section to display our project portfolio. It already functions as a blog, offering a comprehensive and professional overview of our journey.

Same for the “Services” section, you can easily find the service you want to run with us by filling out the form to let us know more about your project by clicking the button “Get quote”.

Spring Health (https://www.springhealth.com/)

The business where people help individuals and organizations thrive by eliminating every barrier to mental healthcare. Spring Health drives precision in mental health and connects you to a proven, personalized solution that performs no matter what your challenges or past experiences with mental health have been.

As part of our commitment to providing valuable resources and insights, we have also launched a blog on their website. This blog serves as a platform where they can share in-depth information, tips, and stories related to mental health, well-being, and their journey as a business.

Here, we were faced with the critical objective of launching a website promptly. The success of their marketing campaign depended on the structured promotional concept (their business in general). In the end, the dedicated efforts paid off, resulting in the creation of a dynamic, contemporary website comprising more than 20 intricately designed pages. The entire endeavor was successfully accomplished within a remarkably efficient span of just three weeks. The website with its blog stands as a reflection of our dedication to delivering excellence and embracing innovation. Take a glance at this splendid outcome and don’t doubt that it’s unrealistic!

Thrive in good company (https://www.thriver.com/)

The leading marketplace for discovering, booking, and managing workplace culture services. Their mission is to fuel thriving workplaces and to make every employee feel recognized and excited about work.Once you are visiting the website, you see an elegant navigation bar at the top, showcasing a variety of services, including Food, Outings, Events, and more. We’ve creatively organized elements from different aspects of life all on one page.

The main page functions as a blog, featuring the best photos, reviews, and recommendations for you, meanwhile you can quickly order a service by completing an oval form located just below the navigation bar.

We’ve carefully chosen suitable and harmonious colors, incorporated vibrant rainbow gradients for headers, customized text, and voilà – the web blog is ready to connect people with the services they need.

Calculum (https://www.calculum.ai/)

Calculum is a Fintech Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) company, leveraging advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems to help companies improve their financial supply chains. Headquartered in Miami, the company empowers treasury organizations as well as credit and procurement teams, unlocking working capital, and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions for corporates, and their trading partners.

Their main page is truly captivating! You’re not scrolling the page the way you’re used to doing that. We’ve implemented a dynamic animation using Webflow to illustrate the inner workings of their platform. It’s a clever and functional approach for your blog. As you scroll, more features are unveiled, creating a zigzag-like animation that guides you to the right and left.

At the bottom, you meet a delightful rotating planet, showcasing the whole beauty of simple animations we’ve integrated using Three.js.

Tremendous (https://www.tremendous.com/blog/)

The Tremendous platform allows organizations to pay people around the world. They handle the rest of the tricky stuff – currency conversions, money movement, cross-border regulations, and reporting.

The customer’s focus was on maintaining his blog and crafting the inner pages of the website. Webflow proved invaluable for this task, thanks to its integrated editor, which is permanent and easily exploited without coding expertise. With the right setup, it enables the creation of new dynamic pages simply by filling in the required predetermined fields. They needed to conduct various marketing campaigns and landing pages for them, which were quickly and easily created on Webflow. The employer's objectives were achieved with precision, and the result stands as a testament to the symbiotic synergy between advanced technology and creative intent. Take a look at this magnificent result!

LigoLab (https://www.ligolab.com/)

LigoLab is the leading provider of enterprise-grade laboratory information system (LIS) software that meets the diverse needs of molecular, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories nationwide. LigoLab Informatics Platform expertly supports, transforms, and streamlines all laboratory technical, financial, and administrative operations.

Another employer with a spectacularly animated web blog on the Internet. Two main colors are visibly presented on the site: blue and white. Looks harmonious and inspires confidence.

The main information is presented horizontally, meaning intuitively you will see the arrows and will want to click on them to see what it shows.

Uniting the previous example with a zigzag-like animation and this one shows the diversity of animations that can be crafted on Webflow.

Profi.io (https://www.profi.io/)

The founders recognized the need to connect people seeking mental health support with qualified providers, leading to the creation of awareness. As their marketplace expanded, they pivoted in 2020 to meet the growing demand for virtual service delivery tools, evolving into Profi. Their mission is to provide a holistic platform for professionals (“profis”) to grow businesses and help more people.

A good example is how to create a comprehensive web blog for users. On the main page, we can contemplate the entire service with specialists. Below, you can find graphics. The best solution for Webflow is cross-platform capability. We can draw graphics and illustrations using another platform and then quickly transfer them to Webflow. It would be great to have everything in one place someday. Unfortunately, there are no platforms that can offer a sufficient toolbar. This is neither a disadvantage nor an advantage; it’s a fact.

They're constantly hosting webinars and sharing the details in their blog, all with the aim of bringing people together for engaging events. Stay connected with Profi.io!

Concluding Threads

We have many employers who've created their landing pages as virtual business cards for their companies. They're also in the process of starting a blog to help more people discover their business card through Search Engine Optimization.

We strongly recommend using Webflow for your blog, and suggest a strategy of starting with a landing page first, followed by a blog, for your small business to achieve better results in promoting.

This online platform is good, especially if you are a beginner in web development. Its simplicity and comprehensiveness make it an excellent starting point, offering a low entry barrier.

After reading them YOU WILL:

  • • Grasp fundamental web design principles
  • • Learn about user interface experience concepts
  • • Know how to create a preliminary design for your blog
  • • Know how to create a blog with a Template Purchase
  • • Know how to create a blog from ZERO
  • • Advice for the future!
  • AND more …

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