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What we’ll talk about in this write-up?

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April 12, 2024
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April 12, 2024
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Let’s go!

How to choose a good designer?

Basically, in this part of the article, we’ll try to answer common questions and dispel the myths.

So, what basic criteria are important to hire a designer for your project?

1. Portfolio Review

Start by reviewing the portfolios of potential candidates. Take a look at their previous work, evaluate the style, quality of design, and functionality of the websites they have created. This will help you determine if their style matches your preferences and requirements. Here, it’s important to match your tastes. How does it usually work? You can find a good designer who can have a great experience in the field, but you feel uncomfortable with his style. Don’t worry! It’s normal!

2. Reviews and ratings

Check the reviews from previous clients and the ratings of designers on the platform. This will give you an idea of their professionalism, quality of service, and the outcome of their work.

The most common platform to look for designers is platforms like Behance, Dribble, LinkedIn, UpWork and Clutch, which allow you to check someone’s profile with total work hours, reviews, job progress, and more.

Try to check their awards and competitions they participated in, or some certifications 🏆.

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Try to investigate and find more platforms with such functionality to upgrade your experience!

3. Communication and understanding

Communicate with potential candidates, discuss your requirements and expectations for the project. It's important that the designer understands your needs and has experience working on similar projects (related to the 1st point).

4. Technical Skills

Ensure that the designer not only has creative abilities but also technical knowledge, especially in working with tools on Webflow. Ask for examples of work done using this platform.

5. Deadlines and costs

Discuss project deadlines and costs. Make sure they align with your budget and timelines.

6. Contract

Don't forget to sign a written contract that clearly outlines the terms of the collaboration, rights, and responsibilities of both parties.

As many people know, Webflow provides an easy entry point, offering a user-friendly playground and a comprehensive set of tools that make it easy to become a designer in freelance. However, claiming to be a good designer solely based on knowing how these platforms work and predicting the behavior of several tools is not professional.

When working as a freelancer, especially when starting out alone, it's crucial to have more than just design skills; practical abilities in web development are also essential. 

Possessing such skills can increase your chances of being hired. Let's explore them!

A short guide on how to identify technical criteria in a good design on Webflow

Webflow specialists have to know how to do this:

1. How to migrate from platform to another

Here, we should mention how to migrate from another web builder/platform to Webflow. Below is a brief guide outlining the knowledge that employed should know how to do 👇

  • • Platform assessment
  • • Data migration
  • • Design adaptation
  • • Functionality replication
  • • SEO preservation
  • • Testing & debugging
  • • Launch & Post-launch support

2. A good Webflow specialist knows how to integrate a custom code

A good Webflow specialist knows how to integrate custom code, meaning such specialists possess deep expertise in coding because Webflow allows you to implement your custom code to achieve the desirable result. Sometimes the platform lacks features in its playground to achieve certain visual effects, especially when we are talking about extraordinary ones.

Most of the tasks, Webflow’s playground will allow you to create. Definitely, if you desire to create a portfolio for a photographer or a simple online store to sell bracelets and promote them via Instagram. But! Employers are different; projects can be way harder. This platform is just a convenient environment with different useful tools to create complex projects, and a good Webflow designer has to know how to operate such tools.

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3. A Webflow designer knows how to rebrand and redesign

The most common thing that you can encounter in online advertisements is that many business owners want to redesign their websites and undergo rebranding. With good taste and experience, a designer whom you would like to hire has to create a detailed plan of their vision related to your brand, sometimes in different versions, incorporating all of your wishes.

Additionally, a good designer has to be aware of the latest trends in web design because it’s essential to keep up with the times. Often, good web design has the power to change employers' minds about the latest trends to create a better appearance for the website, but it’s important to implement your ideas. A good designer understands the psychology of their employer and always finds a compromise. They never impose their ideas!

Why do people want to redesign or rebrand?

There are several reasons why individuals or companies may want to redesign or rebrand, understanding their psychology is important:

Staying relevant and recognizable
In a fast-paced world where trends and consumer preferences evolve rapidly, staying relevant is crucial. Redesigning or rebranding can help a business modernize its image and offerings to better resonate with current audiences, and can help a brand differentiate itself from competitors.

Over time, their website may become stale or outdated. A redesign or rebranding effort can breathe new life into a brand, revitalizing its identity and sparking renewed interest among consumers.

Adapting to change
Changes in the market, industry, or target audience may necessitate a reevaluation of a brand's/website positioning and messaging. Redesigning or rebranding allows businesses to adapt to these changes and better align with their evolving goals and objectives.

Correcting past mistakes
If a brand has faced challenges or controversies in the past, a redesign or rebranding effort can help it shed negative associations and rebuild trust with consumers.

Expanding into new markets (merge or acquisition)
When expanding into new markets or demographics, a brand may need to undergo a redesign or rebranding to ensure its messaging and imagery resonate with the new audience.

Improving perception and appeal
A well-executed redesign or rebranding effort can enhance a brand's perception, making it more appealing to consumers and stakeholders.

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Why do people want to redesign or rebrand?

4. Marketing and SEO guidance (detailed)

In today's digital landscape, it's essential for designers to possess a strong understanding of marketing and SEO principles. Design plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors to a website, but without effective marketing and SEO strategies, even the most visually stunning designs may struggle to gain traction.  

UX/UI knowledge is important. They understand the importance of factors like user experience, site structure, load times, and mobile responsiveness – all of which contribute to better SEO performance.

5. Ecommerce knowledge base

Goals are diverse! In our consumer-driven world, many employers seek individuals with ecommerce expertise to effectively sell their goods and services through a new platform afterward.

Designers working with Webflow should also possess the skills to create effective ecommerce websites. This includes understanding how to set up product listings, create intuitive navigation menus, and optimize checkout processes for maximum conversions. 

Ecommerce requires additional knowledge in marketing apart from knowing how to build selling websites and stores.

Would you like to know more about Ecommerce on Webflow? Follow the link, we’ve already prepared a cool article for you👉 Webflow for Ecommerce

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Webflow for Ecommerce

How to choose the best offer?

1. Thoroughly define your requirements

Before seeking out web development services, have a clear and detailed understanding of your project requirements. This includes functionality, design preferences, target audience, and any other specific needs. The more precise your requirements, the less likely you are to encounter unexpected costs during the development process.

2. Research market rates

Take the time to research market rates for web development services in your region or industry. Look at what similar projects have cost others, and gather quotes from multiple service providers to get a sense of the average pricing. This will help you set a realistic budget and avoid overpaying.

3. Get multiple quotes and proposals

Don't accept the first offer. Reach out to several web development agencies or freelancers and ask for quotes.

4. Compare

Look at the quotes you receive in terms of cost, timeline, services provided, and the quality of past work. Getting multiple quotes helps you find the best deal and ensures you're getting the most value for your money.

5. Negotiate terms and pricing

Once you've received quotes and proposals, don't hesitate to negotiate with potential service providers. Be upfront about your budget constraints and discuss ways to tailor the scope of work to fit within your financial parameters. Some agencies may be willing to offer discounts or flexible payment plans to win your business.

6. Beware of hidden costs❗

When reviewing quotes and proposals, be vigilant for any hidden costs or fees that may not be immediately apparent. These could include charges for additional revisions, maintenance fees, or premium support services. Clarify all terms and conditions upfront to avoid surprises later on.

7. But always remember about one thing

Even with careful planning, unexpected expenses can arise during the web development process. To mitigate the risk of overspending, allocate a portion of your budget as contingency funds. This buffer will help cover any unforeseen costs without jeopardizing the success of your project.

8. Track expenses and progress

Throughout the development process, keep a close eye on your expenses and project progress. Regularly review invoices, receipts, and milestone achievements to ensure that costs remain within budget and that the project is progressing as expected. If you encounter any deviations or issues, address them promptly to avoid further financial strain.

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A couple of projects from us, Digital Butlers, on Webflow

Remember we were talking about the importance of portfolio to show the expertise of a developer in the field? Well, we would love to show you some projects that we’ve already done. There are really gorgeous!


A laptop on a white surface

Traditional outdoor fire detection methods have repeatedly failed at detecting fires early enough, resulting in huge wildfires destroying the environment and causing billions of dollars in damage, year after year. Torch has taken a radically new approach compared to watchtowers, satellite imagery, or ultra-expensive camera equipment. Torch consists of distributed solar-powered IoT devices that are installed in just a few minutes. Our highly affordable price point allows for wide adoption: from consumers looking to protect their private property, to agriculture and vineyard owners, to utility companies and governments.


A screenshot of a website

The Tremendous platform allows organizations to pay people around the world. One core element of our platform is choice. People have different preferences for how they prefer to be paid. Organizations use Tremendous to give their recipients a choice of money, prepaid cards, gift cards and charity donations.

Spring Health

 A screenshot of a website Spring Health

Spring Health drives precision in mental health. They quickly connect you to a proven, personalized solution that performs no matter what your challenges or past experiences with mental health have been. That’s because we’ve done it before.

Thoughts of conclusion

The process of hiring a Webflow designer requires careful consideration and attention to detail. At Digital Butlers, we bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, ensuring that our employers receive top-notch service and results that exceed expectations.

Throughout this article, we've emphasized the importance of various aspects when hiring a designer. From portfolios and technical skills to understanding market rates and negotiating terms, there are numerous factors to consider to ensure a successful outcome.

Our Digital Butlers team can save the digital world, we can help your business, we are well-equipped to handle all aspects of web design and development, including ecommerce solutions, SEO optimization, and marketing strategies. With a keen understanding of the latest trends and technologies, we strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive results for our employers.

Whether you're a business owner looking to revamp your online presence or an individual seeking to launch a new website, we're here to help you every step of the way. Trust Digital Butlers to be your partner in achieving your online goals and creating a digital presence that stands out from the crowd. 

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