Сreate websites that win the “Site of the Day” award

The last 3 websites we've worked on have won a total of 22 awards, including 'Site of the Day' with the Torch Systems project.


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We are Digital Butlers

Like Alfred to Batman, we empower our employers' digital success by managing valuable resources such as Team, Time, Competencies and Experience.

Designed with Loyalty and Passion

Designs that are a hit in the design community


We built a site for a marketing campaign to accept pre-orders for a fire prevention sensor in a 1.5 month. And within the 1st day of its launch, we received an overwhelming number of pre-orders for the product.


We designed a cybersecurity company's website with effective mood-setting features like immersive 3D, animations and clean UI. The result was positive reviews and Awwwards recognition.


Web Development & Design for Fintech Company

Employer review: "We were impressed by their design language, technical skills, and project management."


A site for Fairway Mortgage Corp. with fun Easter eggs, such as a meowing cat, and useful functionality, such as a mortgage calculator that includes down payment and privileges.

Set a goal, we'll achieve it

Need a trustworthy team for your project? Summon loyal Digital Butlers.

Reliable team at your service

Experienced in scratch projects and equally skilled at outstaffing

Our loyal Digital Butlers are ready to join your team or assist with specific tasks.


We’ve been working with Webflow since 2016...

We’ve been working with Webflow since 2016. Have built over 300 sites and earned expert status on the platform. We work {quickly} and with {precision}.

[Thanks to our experience and library of ready-made solutions for commonly used website elements, we don't have to create everything from scratch. This speeds up development and reduces the number of bugs.]

[Thanks to the work of our tester and internal standards and technical processes, which you can view here: DB Frontend Wiki, we ensure high-quality development and thorough testing.]

What do you get as the result?

  • {Everything works as it should}
    [Our minimum quality level includes:
    - Responsive design, including iPad PRO and 4K screens
    - Support for all modern browsers, including Safari on MacBook and iPhone
    - Accessibility for people with special needs and advanced users
    - Optimization of page speed and media files
    - Basic SEO optimization
    - Disabling indexing on the test version
    - Testing and bringing the project to a 100% working state.]
  • {Easy website maintenance and scalability due to Best Practice}
    [We use cutting-edge tools such as Webflow components, BEM methodology, modular JS, SASS, Git, linters, and formatters. That's why our websites are easy to maintain and scale, whether you handle them yourself or have a dedicated team in place.]
  • {Overcome Webflow limitations by using custom code}
    [This includes sliders and animations of any kind, filtering and pagination without page reloading, displaying 3D models and their animations, and dozens of other details that you may not even think about, such as integrating third-party payment systems.]
  • Convenient CMS, allowing you to manage content on your own.
  • {Eye-catching social links set up using Open Graph}
    [It may seem like a minor detail, but when you share your website with a potential client, the first impression can make all the difference.]

Used technologies & apps

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Frontend dev

We can bring your design to life...

We can bring your design to life with vanilla HTML/CSS/JS or frameworks like React and Vue.

What do you get as the result?

  • {Everything works as it should}
    [Our minimum quality level includes:
    - Responsive design, including iPad PRO and 4K screens
    - Support for all modern browsers, including Safari on MacBook and iPhone
    - Accessibility for people with special needs and advanced users
    - Optimization of page speed and media files
    - Basic SEO optimization
    - Disabling indexing on the test version
    - Testing and bringing the project to a 100% working state.]
  • Accessibility for people with special needs and advanced users
  • {Easy website maintenance and scalability due to Best Practice}
    [We use cutting-edge tools such as BEM methodology, modular JS, SASS, Git, linters, and formatters. That's why our websites are easy to maintain and scale, whether you handle them yourself or have a dedicated team in place.]
  • Technical support and assistance in the development of long-term projects
  • Guarantee of free fixes of any of our mistakes

Used technologies & apps

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Web design

To crystallize your ideas, we develop...

To crystallize your ideas, we develop the business logic. To help you showcase and sell them we create realistic interactive prototypes. And when you need a WOW effect, we design Awwwards-winning site. Our design is a tool for achieving your goals

What do you get as the result?

  • {An aesthetically pleasing site design that achieves its set goals}
    [We regularly browse references and analyze top works on platforms like Behance, Dribbble, Awwwards, and others. We learn and test new solutions by creating shots for Dribbble. We continuously attend paid courses in UI or UX design and exchange experience at weekly meetings with designers on our team.
    Thanks to all of this, we know how to make your website achieve its set goal: be memorable, convert, highlight the advantages of your product or service, or become a worthy continuation of your brand.]
  • {An individual website style based on your preferences}
    [To create a unique style for your website, we follow these steps:
    1. Research your competitors to understand how to stand out from them
    2. Create a mood board to determine the style and tone
    3. Gather references to understand your taste and design expectations
    4. Sketch and discuss 2-3 main screen concepts to confirm the style
    5. Create several additional design blocks in the approved style to finally agree on the style]
  • {Clean and structured Figma layouts built to developer standards}
    [During the design process, we use an atomic design approach to create components with auto-layout, styles, and a UI kit. We then structure project files and prepare them for development to ensure that developers can save time and effort.]
  • An interactive prototype to "feel" the project before development

Used technologies & apps

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Backend dev

We guarantee successful completion of complex...

We guarantee successful completion of complex tasks, including challenging goals such as creating a 3-month {SAAS project} in just 1 month. And not only with code from scratch. We're experienced in integrating 3d-party code with a focus on clean and maintainable solutions for functional, scalable, and adaptable projects.

[Once, one of our employers needed a working version of the product to present to shareholders in just 1 month, despite our original estimate of at least 90 days. We developed a kludge solution within 27 days and tested it for an additional 3 days to ensure a smooth presentation. It was a success, and we spent another 3 months on refactoring. But despite the extra time invested, the result was worth it, as failure was not an option.]

What do you get as the result?

  • {Clean documented code without duplicates and unnecessary comments}
    [We always document what we write and give functions meaningful names, adding attributes or annotations to ensure maintainability and understanding for any developer who works with it.

    Upon completion, we perform refactoring and submit the code to our team lead for review and to the tester for testing.]
  • {A project that is easy to maintain and develop}
    [We use up-to-date versions of PHP and its frameworks like Yii2, Laravel, and Symfony, as well as technologies like Docker, AWS, and Jenkins.

    Have extensive experience working with popular content management systems such as WordPress, MoDx, OpenCart, and Shopify.

    Our development approach includes modern design patterns and object-oriented programming, and we regularly exchange knowledge among our team of back-end developers.]
  • {Optimized database}
    [We work with both SQL and NoSQL databases and strive to optimize our queries for efficiency, avoiding unnecessary multiple queries where possible.]
  • Guarantee of free fixes of any of our mistakes

Used technologies & apps

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We use the Kanban method...

We use the Kanban method to help developers meet their commitments. This includes conducting daily meetings, breaking down project epics and stories into two-day tasks, monitoring workflow, removing obstacles, and facilitating communication among all team members.

What do you get as the result?

  • {Guarantee to deliver the project on time and within budget by writing technical spec}
    [When our employer needs to keep within a budget, we create documentation and design the project's architecture. We then break down the project into manageable and predictable tasks, estimate their completion, and guarantee to deliver the project on time and within budget.]
  • The smooth workflow through timely communication among all project participants
  • Weekly reports with completed tasks and progress update

Used technologies & apps

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Taking micro-level tasks to let you focus on macro ones

Digital Butlers: providing and managing valuable resources


We have all the necessary team members to develop your site, web app or service. And if needed, we will find the missing specialist and manage the project accordingly.


We are skilled in writing tech specs, planning, monitoring, and delivering results on time. We don't need to be reminded - we will be the first to report back.


We help new projects start generating profits as quickly as possible, while also bringing fresh ideas and monetization strategies to existing projects.


We learn from our mistakes on over 400+ projects and improve through retrospective meetings to enhance our standards, tech processes, and libraries of ready-made components.

Our 5-step plan

How do we help you achieve your goals?

Step 1. Preparation

We assign a Project Manager who defines and describes the project's MVP. Then, a PM organizes communication between all specialists involved to determine the project's architecture and outline the epics.

Step 2. Planning

The PM selects a team and together they break down epics into manageable two-day tasks using planning poker. Once the timeline is approved, they add the tasks to our Kanban system and start getting things done.

Step 3. Design

We start with logic prototyping and then study competitors, collect references, and create the first screen in 2-3 different styles to get an aesthetic design based on project goals and your preferences.

Step 4. Development

We create a responsive layout which is thoroughly reviewed by the designer. Then connect the front-end with the parallel-developed back-end and pass it to the QA.

Step 5. Check. Test. Improve

We do it as many times as needed until you get a 100% functional project and you don’t have to do QA's job. And when everything is ready, we do a code refactoring.


00 of 5 based on 00  Clutch reviews

Explore what “Batmen” say about their “Alfred”

"I love their design approach, but the most unique thing is their positioning."

Justin Singletary

“They provide out-of-the-box solutions and go outside their comfort zone to try new things.”

Simeon Blapchley

"We are impressed by their ability to share our vision."

Richard Sibley
Chief Product Officer

"They spent hundreds of hours designing, building, and polishing the website to perfection."

Vasya Tremsin
Torch Sensors

"The dedication it takes to show up day in and day out is what has impressed me the most about them."

Daniel Probert
CEO & Co-Founder

"We are very pleased with the outcome, and the e-commerce website works well for our customers."

Mark Tapscott

"I saw that everything they offered focused on helping us."

Klaus Mitchell
Plant Based News

"They work fast and are highly professional."

Alina Trigubenko
Director of Marketing

"They were very attentive and did a great job."

James Goldberg
101 Therapeutics

"They over-deliver on their promise and are very friendly and supportive."

Benjamin Fenster
Complete Wellness NY

"We were impressed by their design language, technical skills, and project management."

Oliver Belin

"They sent comprehensive videos and voice notes to provide updates, which was very helpful."

Joe Capocci
Tomorrow's Journey
Commercial Executive

"Digital Butlers was a highly experienced, non-standard, creative-thinking team."

Ivan Alyoshin
Business Development Manager

"All the work is done on time, strictly according to our schedule."


"They truly understand the job and they pulled it off perfectly."

Jon Condouret

They were honest, straightforward, and diligent.

Luum Studio
Partner, Luum Studio
Digital Butlers: team growth resources

Develop not only projects, but also a mature team capable of bringing your vision to life

Kanban method

We have completed the training and are implementing Kanban System Design Part 1, with Part 2 ahead.

Recognition rally

Every quarter, we take a day off to celebrate personal and team victories and achievements in a triumphant manner.


We constantly invest in paid professional courses to enhance our skills and complete our work more efficiently.

Pixels Battle

Team meetings to exchange experience, discuss trends, and find a balance between speed, quality, and aesthetics.


We hold retrospective meetings at the end of checkpoints or the entire project to improve ourselfs and our standards.

Contact us

If you like what we do and our approach, let's create smth awesome together

Digital Butlers at your service

Our team has all the specialists you need for your project

Elena Izotova

Backend developer

Maryia Khvesik

Frontend developer

Dmitry Klitsunov

Frontend developer

Еvgeny Ivanchikov

Frontend developer

Dmitry Vasilenko

UX/UI Designer

Maksim Zabara

Backend developer

Denis Poljuhovich

UX/UI Designer

Dmitry Pushnew

UX/UI Designer

Paul Panin


Olga Karimova

Project manager

Edgar Soloviev

Backend developer

Sergey Trubkin

Frontend developer

Mikalai Baranau

Frontend developer

Aliaksandr Afanasenka

Frontend developer

Vitali Makal

Frontend developer

Olga Grinevich

SMM specialist

Evgeniy Klitsunov

Frontend developer

Olga Busel


Tanya Matyushik

UX/UI Designer

Alex Kirilenko


Tanya Panina


Boguslav Koledinskiy

Backend developer

Vadim Moroz

Backend developer

Vadim Sorokach

Backend developer

Vasiliy Krugovykh

Backend developer

Maria Matusevich

QA Engineer

Darya Zyuzko

Project manager

Stanislau Ramanau

Backend developer

Victor Kasap

Frontend developer

We are always there

Based on statistics, you are likely to launch 2 projects with us.

Since November 23, 2016, we have completed 400+ projects for 170+ employers. And we are honored to be worthy of such trust. Explore what our employers say.

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The Digital Butler's CODE

You are Batman.
We are your loyal butler, Alfred.

This idea inspired our studio's name - Digital Butlers, and forms the foundation of our values, code of conduct, and characteristics, which we call “The Digital Butler's CODE”.

We regularly look at references and analyze top works on Behance, Dribbble, Awwwards and other sites. Learning new things and testing our solutions by drawing shots for Dribbble. We continuously take paid courses on UI or UX design. We exchange experiences at the weekly meetings of our team's designers.

Thanks to all this, we know how to make the site fulfill the delivered furniture: remember, convert, reveal the benefits of your product or service, or become a worthy continuation of your brand.

Main values

It's what's important to us and what we transmit to our team and employers

Loyalty and a sense of duty

We understand the importance of confidentiality and maintain a strict policy against gossip and spreading rumors. We also strongly believe in prioritizing the interests of our employer above our personal gains, and committed to upholding these principles in all circumstances.

Respect for employer goals and their decisions

Many of our employers are visionaries who are doing what no one has done before. Therefore, we understand the need to change priorities, goals, and deadlines during the work process. While we would like to work without restrictions on ideas and with enough time to bring every project to perfection, we do so only when it is the goal.

Meeting commitments

We are dedicated to achieving our employer's goals, demonstrating personal efficiency and flexibility. We respect their pace, deadlines, and restrictions in a constantly changing external environment. And, if we make an agreement, we fulfill it.


We take accountability for our mistakes and make fixes free of charge, never conceal the truth, refrain from assigning blame, and avoid shifting responsibility onto others.

Code of conduct

Our rules and guiding principles for behavior in any situation


Helpfulness is the desire to give support and be useful. And under no circumstances do we achieve our selfish interests at the expense of the employer. While maintaining our dignity, we do everything possible for the well-being of the employer and their business.

Serve, but don't grovel

We are willing to be the employer's hands and do everything they say to help them implement their vision precisely. We are happy to learn from visionaries. However, when such actions cause harm rather than good and we cannot come to an agreement, we leave, diplomatically outsourcing all the work to another team.

Anticipating Desires

Constantly asking, directing, and reminding is part of our job for which we are paid. Therefore, we strive to be proactive and keep you updated on progress without being asked to do so.

Maintaining Distance

Over time, it's natural to develop warm and friendly relationships with our employers. However, in these situations, it's important to remember that working with a likeable employer means that we must continue to perform our duties flawlessly.

Being in the Background

We understand that our role is to support our employer and contribute to the success of the project. Rather than trying to overshadow our employer, we maintain a humble approach and highlight their importance in the team.

Bringing innovation

All team members openly express ideas and suggestions for improving our team's projects and business processes, as well as those of our employers. They can take responsibility for their implementation, even if it goes beyond their immediate job duties.


When our employer has a dispute with a partner or colleague and turns to us as an arbiter, we never take anyone's side. Only strict neutrality contributes to the reconciliation of morals and the resolution of conflicts.


To avoid mischief-making and peaching within our team, we have no favorites or scapegoats, and everyone is treated equally. This ensures impartiality and a sense of justice in all aspects of our work.


We are transparent and honest in communication and in demonstrating work processes, both among ourselves and with our employers.


Our description with adjectives and descriptive nouns


We have the ability to "sense the situation" and act in a way that does not diminish the dignity of individuals, regardless of their quirks or idiosyncrasies.


We work on ourselves to be able to communicate impartially with people of all levels, personalities, and perspectives.


We value care and respect towards both our team members and our employer in any interaction. We support each other and show loyalty, aid, and tolerance while honoring employer goals and decisions.


Arriving on time to a meeting is a sign of honoring agreements, and if we make an agreement, we will fulfill it.


We approach our work with a healthy sense of perfectionism. Our work is easily maintainable and scalable. However, we don't try to break through a wall if we can simply go around it.


In 2016, we, Alex and Paul, lost our 8-year-old offline perfume business to the growing online market. So we decided to learn more about it and help our acquaintances avoid a similar fate.

To gain experience, we worked for free for the first six months and only earned $140.00 during that time. However, our hard work paid off, and we were recommended to others. As a result, our profit increased to $2885.00 in the second half of the year.

And today we are 31 people in the team. And this would have been impossible without the support of our wives Iren and Tanya. That's why we get to know our candidate partners before accepting them into the team. It's important for us to consider their opinions and support. And they are always welcome guests in the office and at all team meetings.

Digital Butlers: web goals achievement team

Set a goal and we will organize the process of achieving it

Hello there!